Very good Hotel

NATIVE is a indeed a very new and good hotel. We stayed for a over note stay in transit.
First thing, I think it’s incorrectly mentioned in gmaps of this location. Better to look for dmart and find your way there.
The parking access is also slightly different and if you are at the main front gate, you will need to take a round to parking.
The parking area is not to big, but it was under construction. Not a problem though.

The rooms are really really good. They are brand new and all the amenities are good. Liked the rooms and the bath. The bed is good and the pillows perfect.

There is a restaurant in the ground floor and they serve good veg food. No non veg though. I did see they serve omlet during the breakfast though.
Check in process was cumbersome. They didn’t allow access to both rooms until all the members had arrived, even after multiple requests.
Also during checkout, even after multiple reminders, no Bell boy came to help with the luggage. We ended carrying the luggage on our own, even though we saw the manager while coming down, he couldn’t help much.

So looks like the new teething issues are present. But overall a good stay.